The Evening Star

Daniel Bejar, Pablo Helguera, and Dana Levy

Curated by Xavier Acarín and Roxana Fabius as part of Peekskill Project 6. Peekskill, New York September-December 2015.

On Friday October 9, 1992 at 7.50pm a meteorite hit the truck of a red 1980 Chevy Malibu that was parked in front of a Peekskill resident's house. Michelle Knapp was 18 years old and she had bought her car few months before for $300, after the meteorite she sold it for $10.000. This event serves as the triggering point for The Evening Star, a three-artists project that re-composes the relation among the participant elements of the Peekskill Meteorite.

Spread in three dates, The Evening Star presents new works by Dana Levy, Daniel Bejar, and Pablo Helguera. Their projects approach the correspondence between humans and land, memory and fiction, and between the past and the present of Peekskill. The participant artists will situate the meteorite as a disruptive element within the multiple layers and ecologies that the object trespassed.

The project was completed with The Evening Star, a publication inspired by the local newspaper of the same name that run from 1922 to 1985. With contributions by the artists and curators, images by Akiyasu Shimizu and Anna Marie Rockwell, and designed by Esteve Padilla and Pau Llop (, this publication together with the meteorite, re-introduced two elements of the recent history of Peekskill.

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