Catastrophe is the Most Profound of the Revolutions! * Georges Bataille

Catastrophe! proposes an experience of regeneration, a process to mourn the world we leave behind as we situate ourselves in the awaking of a new era. By entering an underground shelter we will initiate the transit to another time, like human seeds waiting to germinate.

By moving their bodies rhythmically in the mode of ritual and by activating the fetish power of food, totems, sound and image, participants will engage the senses and re-shape our imaginations of how humans might interact and inhabit the world. Through a series of activities, they will explore the many myths that have narrated the end of the world. Together, they will generate a new story.

Tuesday October 2nd, 2012. 153 E. Houston Street, New York, NY

Follow this link to watch the video piece that was projected as part of this project.

Produced with Elastic City

Special Thanks to Rich Chan, Todd Shalom, Álvaro San José, Layman Lee, Barbara Adams, and Michael Hart

Photos by Nick Robles