The signs of the urban are the signs of assembly
* Henri Lefebvre
- CAIRO February 1st 2011

All violence as a means is either lawmaking or law-preserving
* Walter Benjamin
- BARCELONA May 27th 2011

A new life needs new art; the new life does not need art
*Jacques Rancière
- SANTIAGO DE CHILE June 24th 2011

My body is an object which does not leave me
* Maurice Merleau-Ponty
ATHENS July 16th 2011

The final stage of the disappearance of the public realm should be accompanied by the threatened liquidation of the private realm as well
* Hannah Arendt
- TEL-AVIV July 18th 2011

We don’t Want to Occupy the Territory; We Want to Be the Territory
* The Invisible Committee
- NEW YORK October 15th 2011

Nonart is more art than Art art
* Allan Kaprow
- ROMA October 15th 2011

The point is simply that revolution has to be reinvented
* Situationist International
- SIRTE October 20th 2011