Daniel Cerrejón, Irini Miga, and Claudia Peña Salinas.

Curated by Xavier Acarín
Abrons Arts Center, November 25 – December 26, 2017

Imperceptible signals the fragile as a condition that is not only material, but also affective and cognitive. While the physical presence of the works often evokes vulnerability and impermanence, these are connected to a set of circumstances that are not always visible. From interpersonal relations to ancient knowledge structures, the works presented here are rendering the forces and tensions behind these abstract dimensions. As they emphasize the physical as a space for the negotiation of personal and social transformations, at the same time they recognize that there is a conceptual fluidity beyond material characteristics. Perhaps, an easier way to frame this exhibition would be to describe the intrinsically contradictory nature of our context. For instance, tactility has become key in our interactions with technology, but actually we barely touch each other. We know the concrete effects of our economic system, manifested in precarious life and working conditions, or in the obsolescence of the products we consume, or in the consequences for our environment, but yet, the financial organization of the world is impossible to grasp, much less possible to change. We live within these contradictions that result in the accumulation of anxieties, instability, and uncertainty as the usual states of our existence, a normalization process of the exceptionally destructive effects of a world (dis)order. This exhibition is an attempt to make all of this present by giving attention to what is usually unperceived.

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