Point of Contact

Gordon Hall, Martin Roth, Naama Tsabar, and Pedro Wirz
Curated by Xavi Acarin
Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. March 29 - May 3, 2015.

Point of Contact expands from minimalist concerns of scale, presence, and materiality. Introducing the visitor to a performative field – one that proposes a revision to models of engagement, and sees the exhibition as a test site. The works presented here merge objects and bodies in an environment of process, where we can venture in unexpected rhythms of doing, thinking, and feeling.

Works by Gordon Hall, Martin Roth, Naama Tsabar, and Pedro Wirz, suggest coordinates and positions from which one can experience their own multiplicity. Virtual relations and actions, immersive ecologies, architectures for the body, and haptic playful activities compose a choreography, where movements and memories amplify the senses.

The exhibition proposes to elaborate a specificity of intersubjective encounters. As each of us has a particular moment in the gallery, as these moments are organized in relation to the physical distribution and not-just-visual mechanisms, an atmospheric quality emerges. From art object to experience, from the self to the collective, Point of Contact asks for a sensorial and intimate approach to the creation of commonality.

The works included here describe a sensible topography, a performative dimension that encircles objects and bodies in their connection and dissociation. A double agency intensifies the qualities of the event, and defines reformulations of memory and biography in a field of coexistence. An open ground for engagement is facilitated by the diversity of temporalities and strategies of seduction employed by each of the art objects.

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